FULGRIM IS COMING…Guilliman Rematch?! Eldar Narrative?! Bring on the Snake!

FULGRIM IS COMING...Guilliman Rematch?! Eldar Narrative?! Bring on the Snake!

Fulgrim will return and with his blades joining the rest of his brothers it opens so many potential stories, we could see the Eldar finally get some big narrative stuff but with Roboute leading the Imperium we could see him face his brother one more time! Also, RUMOURS about their new models!

00:00 INTRO
01:54 Eldar Threat
03:37 Another Loyalist Primarch?!
05:11 Roboutes REVENGE!
07:03 The Lions Hunt?
09:01 Rumours & Speculation

Thank you for watching my video, glory to the Emperor and the Imperium of Mankind!

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